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About Us

Breathe Street opened in February 2002 and are a very well established school training in Street & Hip Hop Dance as well as other styles under the street dance umberella.


We also have amazing training in Singing, Drama & Contemporary Dance.


The principal Sarah opened the doors in 2002 and has been nothing but dedicated to giving every single pupil the best training in a really comfortable & fun atmosphere along with fellow teachers who work within the school.


Every teacher is so passionate about their craft & the children thoroughly enjoy lessons.


In all general training classes with us the children are able to wear their own clothing we do not believe in making the children wear our uniforms to promote our school we want the children to be themselves and wear what they feel comfortable in.


Our competition dancers who compete as a team do have a uniform policy as they are representing their teams at events and it does have to be uniformed.


The only thing the children must wear is trainers for street dance as other footwear is not suitable for this style of dance.

Foot Thongs are needed for Contemporary and can be found on e-bay or local dance shops.


Our classes are paid weekly not termly making easy & affordable class training


We hold a fantastic Showcase once a year which is open to the whole school so everything the students are learning within classes with us is performed at our annual showcase giving family & friends the chance to see the pupil's progress and all abilities and classes within the schools talent. (This is optional )


We have had some amazing memories within our time and continue to make more.


Children have had the chance to dance with Diversity Members, Aidan Davis, Twist & Pulse, Met Abby Lee Miller from America's hit show Dance Moms plus some of her dancers.

Stage performances, Festivals, Competitions, Tv Appearances, Workshops and so much more


Our Agency has seen children star in Adverts, Short films, Stage, Tv, Concert's and more.


We pride ourselves on making sure the children progress in their selected classes as individuals, we want them to enjoy and fall in love with what they are choosing to do whist being an individual and helping them to be the best version of themselves they can be.


Those with us who want careers in Dance, Singing, Drama we provide opportunities and platforms for them to get out there and shine when we feel they are ready & they also feel ready.


Our classes are well controlled, professional, fun & full of energy with great teachers.


We hope to welcome you to a class with us soon and if you have any questions please ask anytime via the contact Page link.






Sarah is the principle & teacher at Breathe Street and makes sure everything is running smoothly.

Sarah also takes some Dance & Drama sessions & has an agency attached to the school.


Chloe is a teacher & Dancer at Breathe Street she is an advanced Hip Hop Dancer and trains with us & around London. Recently even venturing to LA California to dance in their famous studios Playground & Millenium and meet some of her favorite choreograhers.


Chloe is a talented choreographer as well as dancer & enjoys teaching all ages to help inspire others.


Georgia is our contemporary teacher she is fantastic with the children and gets the best from them all. She is continuing to train in dance and competitive dance all over. She is also a very well established street dancer too.


Daniel is our Singing teacher he is amazing and the children love him. He gives them opportunities to perform & their confidence soars due to his laid back vibe. He has performed all over the uk incuding the london palladium and part of a band.

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Principle Sarah with  Phil Wright In LA California