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We have our very own Casting Agency at Breathe Street.                                


We know how hard it can be to find an agency you can trust & feel confident in, which is why we keep our Agency small to enable us to submit our clients for as many jobs as possible so they have the best chance of being called in for those all important castings.


We have had a client who was lead in a short film called The Patriot which went on to be nominated at the famous Cannes Festival & in LA at palm springs Festival, she was also shown in a section of her film on BBC Breakfast news & given amazing reviews.


Further clients have been selected for the ASDA back to school commercial & print campaign, Pizza Hut commercial & KFC


Performed in covent garden as part of a choir & then was selected for a solo section


A young boy only with us 6 weeks landed a small role in a film with well known stars & another on a channel 4 series for an episode


Others have been selected for Dance Shows & Pantomimes, adverts and many more exciting projects


We submit our clients for big roles daily in well known shows like Eastenders, Games of Thrones, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, Disney, Sky Sports, Music Videos, West End Shows & Films with talented established directors, actors and actresses & lots more


Breathe Casting used to be open to all who were accepted by us from all over the country but now we only take on members of our school as we want to know each child/adult individually and can represent them to the fullest. We want to be different from Agencies who have hundreds/thousands kids on their books.



Agency Details


Our Agency works with London's leading Agency Spotlights, It is £98.00 for the year to join spotlights, we do not charge anything to join Breathe Casting Agency but without spotlights you cannot be submitted for work via us.


You can then decide at the end of each year if you wish to re sign with spotlights using us as your representives.


Jobs are paid and as your agent we receive 25% leaving you with the remaining 75% of the payment which is explained before you accept any job you maybe selected for.


You would need to attend castings in many cases in short notice in London, most castings are held after school hours and weekends, if selected for a casting you are expected to attend.


You do not need professional pictures or porfolio's as some agency's state these can be good quality images you personally have all ready that show your personality well.


Once accpted you will be sent a spotlight pin to gain access to your profile which you can update with pictures, hobbies & credits etc, you use this pin to login each time. This is the profile directors and casting agents will see in order to call you in for a casting so it is vital it is kept up to date and looking good at all times.


It is exciting when you receive a casting but like anything in life we cannot guarnatee you work or even a casting, we simply submit you to clients and hope they call us to connect with you if they do we contact you and send you the details across for the meeting.  


To help your chances further when in those casting calls join our Drama, Dance, Singing classes available within the school to get the best training.





















Breathe Casting Agency