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Drama classes at Breathe Street are a great way to build confidence meet friends & learn how to act.


We do script work, role play, improvisation, short plays & Audition Technique, comedic roles & more serious drama.


Our classes are full of energy and excitment the students always leave the classes feeling they have learnt something new, we also have an annual school show production where the children are able to showcase their work to an audience which is optional to each individual with us but encouraged.


Some of our drama Students are also part of our Agency so we are able to work closely with them on pieces for casting calls.

We have had children within our classes involved in Tv Commercials, Short Films, Feature Films, Online Ad's, Pantomimes and more.



Singing classes at Breathe Street you will learn Vocal Exercises, Breathing Technique, Harmonies, Confidence Building, Stage Presence, & so much more.


Our teacher Daniel has sang from childhood been in bands and performed at the London Palladium and other venues across the UK and all though the class is a group session he is great at appreciating the group as individuals too.


Our singers recently performed on stage at the Mick Jagger Centre & loved every minute of it, also at festivals and other great events.


If you want to join us simply visit the Contact Us page & we will forward on further details


Please also be assured you will never be pressured to do anything you do not feel ready for so don't panic & think you will have to sing alone this is not the case if you feel confident we will encourage you to do so, we always go on the individual students pace and provide them with the right tools so they gain confidence and progress naturally, we can also offer one to one sessions upon request.




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