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Are you bored of the same old parties?


Wondering what you can do for your child this year?


Look no further than here, the Birthday Girl Or Boy will STAR in their very own music video, with their friends.


The video created will be uploaded to our you tube party channel if you want it to be.

so you can view & share it with all your family & friends.


You tube is optional as not everyone wants this option but don't panic the birthday girl/boy will also receive the video on a usb so you will have it at home forever either way your memories are safe.


We can even drop in a surprise visit from your child's favorite princess who can star in the video upon request,

simply let us know which princess you would like to attend & she will arrive with a special gift for the birthday child.


Our Music Video Parties are suitable for ages 5yrs - 13yrs & are adapted to the child's age, please see some video examples below.


To book with us or to learn more please send us a message via the contact page & we can help you with your enquiries.





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Surprise Princess Visit's

can be arranged for your child's

special day