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Breathe Street offer private lessons in Street Dance and Singing


Street Dance - House - Locking


If you require extra training in street dance or want to pick up a particualr set/routine quicker and better than you may have done or if you are part of our competition dancers and would like a solo routine or duo routine created for you we can do all of those.


We can also help those dancers wanting to progress in their freestyle dance ensuring they understand the music and the different styles of dance that can be used to set you a part from the rest.


If you want to start dance in a class but your nerves get the better of you we can ease you in with some private lessons first to help build your confidence so you feel ready to move forward in to a group setting.





We offer private lessons in singing you simply come to us with your chosen song choice and we help give you tips on how to improve, you then go away and work on the track with our advice and then return to us within 2 weeks in a follow up class where we will listen to you and tidy everything and then record your song ready for you to take away and use at your leisure.


We have our very own studio in Bromley with a built in booth so you get the whole experience with us :)


For further information visit the contact page and we will get back to you with additional details