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Commercial Dance


Commercial is a very popular dance style bringing you that fierce and fabulous movement & creativity, a really powerful & energetic style of dance.


This class is taught by Taylor Yates a very experienced Commercial Dancer with great teaching skills, he is great with the class and pushes you to be the best you can be.


Simply visit the contact page to ask us for details on how to sign up for this class.


Kingsbury Hall, Tudor Way (Willet Way) Petts Wood Kent


Class Time - 11.30am - 12.30


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Monthly Fee Applies


At times classes will be covered by other professional teachers, as our teachers are all working & performing sometimes it means they are unable to teach for a week maybe more, so we provide cover teachers for our students so they continue to learn & be inspired meeting other dance professionals in the industry

Contemporary Dance 


Contemporary is taught by Georgia a really lovely class for those who love to tell a story through dance movement.


It combines several dance genres modern, lyrical, jazz & Ballet & is stunning visually to watch.


In class we work on corner work for e.g leaps, turns, spins, jumps etc and then end each lesson with a gorgeous routine.


Simply visit the contact page to ask for details on how to sign up for this class


Kingsbury Hall, Tudor Way (Willet Way) Petts Wood Kent


Class Time - 12.30pm - 1.30pm


Monthly Fee Applies





We believe in teaching real Drama helping the students with improvisation, scripts work, audition technique, accents, bringing characters to life, Comedy, emotional roles etc.


Each suited and created to the age of the class members. Even in mixed ages we adapt the class so everything is suitable for the age groups.


We have an agency connected to our school so can submit children & young adults for TV, Films, Commercials, Stage, Stills Photography and lots more


We want to improve the students in confidence whilst learning how to become a talented actor/actress


They will also have the opportunity to showcase their progress in our annual showcase.


Kingsbury Hall Tudor Way (Willet Way) Petts Wood


Class Time - 11.30am - 12.30pm


Monthly Fee Applies


Our singing classes are perfect for those who love to sing and would like opportunities of performing and being heard.

Students are taught warm up exercises, breathing control, techniques & harmonies whilst enjoying singing a wide range of music.


No one is made to sing on their own unless they are happy to, the class is run as a group but very much targeted to develop individuals and find their sound in the best way possible.


We are there to teach and build confidence and have seen amazing progress in our current singing class in confidence and ability.


We offer showcases & performance opportunities troughout the year for our singers as a group and as solo/duet performances and the class have a big say in the music we sing in classes so everyone has the chance to bring their love of music and songs into the group.


It really is a great class with lots of energy.


Kingsbury Hall Tudor Way (Willet Way) Petts Wood


Class Time - 12.30pm -1.30pm


Monthly Fee Applies